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July 6th 2019

Earth Grid Engineering

Emerson College‚Ä®, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX


Earth Grid Engineering presented by Richard Jones

The meetings at Emerson are friendly, informal and collaborative. This meeting follows on from the examination of Platonic solids and starts with their application to the Geographical layout of major human sacred sites and places of importance around the globe.  The talk will intend to cover the following topics and activities :-

  • The Hagens-Becker Earth Grid
  • Making your own Icosahedron Earth model – practical
  • Evidence of Geo-engineering forces on a system wide scale
    • Iapetus – Hexagonal Craters, large scale Polygonal form, 12 mile high equatorial ridge
  • Spin and its spiritual / Earth science connections
    • Bullroarers, Childhood Button spinners
    • Direction of spin – significance
  • Plants, Animals, People and the Earth Grid connection
    • Experiments in Plant <=> Human Communication




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