Nicola Graves-Gregory

“One, two, buckle my shoe; three, four, knock at the door.” We will begin to experience actively the different structures, processes and meanings of a few of the infinite set of integers (whole numbers) by moving, not only our minds, but also our bodies. Number 4, the door is ajar: the door to the mystery.

Nicola Graves-Gregory researches spiritual mathematics, –  having studied at Cambridge, Berlin and London universities. She is a mother of three, including a great, young chap with Down Syndrome, and is an inclusion evangelist. Nicola is also a member of ANPA (Alternative Natural Philosophical Society). She hails from Bristol, home of Banksy, Dirac and Cary Grant.


Sylvia Francke

Sylvia Francke studied for the stage and teaching. She Is a student of the philosophy of Dr Rudolf Steiner incorporating this knowledge for solving the mystery of Rennes-le-Château in her book: ‘The Tree of Life and the Holy Grail’, published by Temple Lodge in 1996 and then revised in 2007.

She has eleven grandchildren and five children. The death of her daughter, Helen, prompted her contribution to the Polair Publishing compilation: “The Cathar View” in 2012. This was preceded by an essay on Francis Bacon in the Polair compilation: “The View Beyond” in 2011. She is a Council Member of The Francis Bacon Society, and a Council Member and previous Chairman of R.I.L.K.O. (Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation).Sylvia is also on the Committee of Kids for Kids, a charity giving the people of North Darfur, Sudan self-sustainable projects in the face of inhuman neglect from all other possible sources of help.  In 2014 she was one of seven people who joined together to present the life story of Ronald Heaver, “a spiritual giant of the twentieth century working powerfully and decisively behind the scenes of world events and life in England and Great Britain”,whose advice to “Send out the little boats”, was the inspiration behind the Dunkirk evacuation.